Inspire infinite imagination

Smart Board H Series

Inspire infinite imagination

Smart Board H Series

Key Points


1mm Writing Accuracy

Everything Within Reach

With less than 1mm writing accuracy and writing height, all interactive functions can be operated within several ms, bringing smoother learning and working experience.

Common application scenarios are classrooms, commercial offices, medical facilities, etc.

Ultra-thin & Lightweight Structure

Panels that are thick and slim add aesthetic appeal to your space. Installation and movement can be facilitated by modular design.

Customizing Your Needs

Ranging from the product performance like brightness, speaker, and interfaces, etc to the product color and button location, all of which elements can be customized to make your LED display project successful

Impressive Visual Performance

Clear vision and eye protection are delivered by a 4K UI display with advanced anti-glare technology.

Multiple Interfaces Options

It is compatible with PC and mobile phones and provides flexible interfaces for screen sharing across a WIFI network. It is possible to share up to 4 devices at the same time.

Robustness and Durability

This display is made of aluminum and metal plate housing material, which makes it stable and durable.

SMART Board H Series Parameters

We provide you with a product specification sheet for the H-Series in English and in Spanish so that you can better understand our interactive displays and choose the model that is right for you

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